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SOIL Agency is a Copenhagen based full service PR, strategy and communications agency.
If it's unique, fantastic or pioneering you need, we will make sure the world knows about it. We believe that for a brand to grow and take the right position, it needs the right strategy and time. You need to see the growth of your brand as a circle of life - a brand always has to offer something unique or interesting in order to change the consumer's perception. Through our wide range of services, we foster the brands true identity and we position the brands foremost in the mind of media and consumers. Once the goal is reached we carefully nurture the position in order for the brand to stay in front - we never let go once a goal is reached. Our wealth of experience within the fashion, media and creative industry ensures your brand the right attention.
We are the solid foundation for each of the brands we represent.
We learn from the past in order to create the future. Each and every day we strive to do better!