Morozzo Communication


A moi Paris (Woman, Accessories, Shoes, Underwear)
Brooks England (Leather Goods)
Callaghan (Shoes)
Casteld (Jewels)
Chattawak (Accessories, Shoes, Woman)
Clara Jo Baker (Shoes, Woman)
Festina (Jewels, Woman, Man, Watches)
Festina (Jewels, Woman, Man, Watches)
Lotus (Jewels, Woman, Man, Watches)
Lotus (Jewels, Woman)
Mandarina Duck (Leather Goods, Woman, Man)
Maty (Jewels)
Paola Zovar (Jewels, Woman)
Taratata (Jewels)
Medium categorie interchangeables
Medium boston
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Morozzo Communication
323 Rue St Martin
75003 Paris, France
Marilyn Morozzo



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Marilyn Morozzo & Communication is one of the leading Parisian fashion public relations company in Paris. The office is located in the heart of Paris, at 323 rue Saint Martin in the 3rd district.

Marilyn Morozzo, the agency Founder, manages and creates all programs and strategies relating to the influencers, public relations, consulting & digital communication & community magement : Fashion & Luxe & Lifestyle & Sport & Design.
She has benefited from over 25 years of experience in the press and public relations sector.

Our proposal : To establish a relationship of trust and proximity.