Companhia das Soluções


Companhia das Soluções
Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, 9, 1º Esq.
1050-010 Lisboa T. , Portugal
Sonia Pereira
Head manager
Rui Morgado
PR manager
Rita Ramalho
Press officer
Ana Guedes
Press officer
Mariana Castro
Press officer
Sara Sá
Press officer
Patrícia Pinto
Press officer
Olga Pereira
Showroom manager
Filipa Casulo


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We are a Communications Agencyspecializing in Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Health, and Well-Being. Utilizing our extensive skills, we work directly with clients and press, to develop and implement innovative ideas and strategies. We increase the degree of notoriety of the brands that we represent.

Press Consultancy is our core business. It allows the brands to have a big physical and emotional connection with the final consumer through media outlets such as: Press (magazines and newspapers), Television, Radio, Websites, Blogs and Facebook.

We have extensive experience in event planning examples include: product launches, new collection presentations, fashion shows, and conferences.

We follow the Media sector very closely, keeping strategic contacts with journalists, editors, commentators, producers, and VIPs, among others.

This proximity is one of our big advantages.

From this close relationship, we can increase the communication at all levels for the brands we represent.