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ZORANA JANJIC is a newly established, Paris based fashion house dedicated to the creation of innovative and unique fashion and lifestyle products. It has been founded in 2014 by designer Zorana Janjic.

The collections are defined by the connecting of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designing, with emphasis on tailoring and the use of custom developed fabrics. Fundamental basis for most of the models are fashion's classics and basics that are being re-invented and innovated. This is done with the help of new cutting techniques, by experimenting with materials and textile prints, as well as working on forms and colors.

The production of each garment is performed by teams of France based artisans with extraordinary craftsmanship skills, who strive to push the boundaries of technique and design with each new collection.

The house ZORANA JANJIC aims to assist and support its clients through the most important moments of their social and working life by giving them an added sense of attractiveness, uniqueness and comfort.

ZORANA JANJIC has been created for women, who have strong understanding of themselves as well as the society they live in, who are highly active and in constant motion, but do not want to make any compromise in regards of aesthetics and style.