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“I didn't leave in the sky the story of my flights ; I just flew and this is my joy” (Rabridanath Tagore)
Gandhi said: “We must become the change we want to see”. This is for us Tendresses, a capsule collection of dresses of special and unique garments, born from the encounter of the Italian style and Indian culture.
In Tendresses the luxurious materials and finishes made in Italy are embellished by the art of embroidery of an ancient Indian tradition.
The collection is created thinking of those special occasions when we want to look more beautiful, but the garments taken singularly could be easily interpreted and worn in each moment of the day.
The woman Tendresses is a citizen of the world, she doesn't follow the trends but creates her wardrobe with her traveling memories.
She underlines her strong personality by choosing man's fabrics that are softened with feminine elements. As per the ying and yang the balance of the opposites is shaped to create harmony.
Our collections smell of far east and are painted in strong colors in order to be always unique and appealing.
You may wonder why we chose this name for this capsule collection? Tendresses as “ten clothes”, but at the same time also as “tenderness”, a dress is, first of all, a cuddle that a woman makes herself to be more beautiful in a special moment or just when she want to find the harmony of a world that sometimes seems to have become more grey. Tendresses is our way to switch the colors around and above all, within us. Becau-se, as Gandhi says: “He who loses his individuality loses all”.