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Sina was born in Tehran and after obtaining a degree in Physics, he moved to Milan. As he spent most of his childhood in his father's jewellery shop and workshop, he was very familiar with the world of accessories and jewels, and so after taking academic sketching and drawing classes, he decided to further his education in ISTITUTO MARANGONI in Milan. . During his academic studies in Milan, he worked at a few design companies and decided to improve his work in the fashion world by offering his own style and method. After a year of searching for production and fabric companies, he presented his first collection in 2013-1014. After a 7 year period of studying and work experience in Milan, Sina decided to move to Paris and in order to become familiar with the French world of fashion, he completed yet another course in the ESMOD PARIS. He continued his work during his education, and therefore he constantly travelled between Paris and Milan.

Sina was constantly amused by the relationship between the fashion world, architecture and interior design during his academic studies, most of his design ideas are inspired by this relationship and the world of art. In each of his collections, he tries to present new ideas and modern designs, His focus has always been on high quality and timeless beauty, the products will not become out of fashion or tiring after a certain period of time, this is a union of well-loved skills meeting with modern fresh ideas to create a new fusion. rich in form, color and texture. This is all about well-crafted, honest and essential pieces that suggest comfort but have a new modern feel.

All products have been produced in Italy or other European countries with the finest quality fabrics and details. From fabrics & zippers to buttons, famous and durable brands have been used such as YKK and MABO,....