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Mhanna bldg, 1st floor, 100 rue du Liban, Tabaris
20710305 Beirut, Lebanon
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Born and raised in Lebanon, Sarah Beydoun is the Creative Director and Founder of Sarah's Bag. She belongs to a generation of Beirut-based designers who came of age during the country's sixteen-year civil war and are now contributing to rebuilding the city's cultural life through their creative passion.

Beydoun was one of the first designers in Lebanon to bring Middle Eastern pop culture into the mainstream, and to revive and reinvent the region's rich traditions of craftsmanship, embroidery, crocheting and textile making.

After studying sociology at the American University of Beirut, Beydoun earned her master's degree from the Université Saint Joseph where she wrote her thesis on prostitution in Lebanon. Soon after, she launched Sarah's Bag and opened her atelier in Beirut in 2000, bringing together her love of design and fashion with her desire to empower and work with underprivileged women. Her line of handmade handbags and accessories is designed around the skills of prisoners and ex- prisoners she has personally trained and worked with for the past fifteen years.

Today over 150 artisans form the backbone of Sarah's Bag, making it one of the most successful social entrepreneurship brands in the region. And stylish women from Tokyo to Caracas via Beirut and Paris are sitting up and taking notice.