Philippe Zorzetto


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Philippe Zorzetto
106 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris, France



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The adventure grew up from an expectation, a need. In 2008, Philippe Zorzetto was looking for shoes that matched his style (a combination of fine pieces counterbalanced by flare and daring). His search either turned up well-crafted shoes that were too classic and traditional, or shoes with an interesting design, but that were industrially manufactured.

He has kept the wooden lasts inherited from his grandfather’s shoemaking workshop in Italy. “What if I used them to make what I want?” he thought. He hatched an idea to develop his own line of shoes for both guys and gals, a line reflecting his own vision and his friends’ needs, all based on 100% handmade craftsmanship.

The brand today is still independent and still growing. Philippe and his crew passionately and enthusiastically develop the house’s collaborations and lines of shoes. An increasingly large community follows Zorzetto.