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muriel martin
23, paseo juan carlos 1er
07800 ibiza, Spain


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Passionate about jewelry and having always lived near the sea, there was nothing more obvious than for me to create and design my own pearl jewelry collection. Pearls of Mu was born when 8 years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry blended with my love for the island of Ibiza. Collection designed and hand made in Ibiza, it is the trendiest summer collection! TRANOI INTERNATIONAL FASHION TRADE SHOW.
Ibiza, the second smallest of the Balearic Islands, was the perfect place to introduce a “hippy-chic” flavour to Mallorca's beautiful Mallorquina pearl. Unifying the two islands' secrets: the pearl's manufacturing process and the outgoing, fashionable and free-spirited style that has inspired a global movement. Their alliance confer to my collection all the elegance, appeal and the “je ne sais quoi” that dress up any woman.
After a first collection ¨Calssique¨based on white and grey pearls strung on natural leather. The second collection ¨Originale¨ is inspired by the colors of the sunset and the Mediterranean sea. It plays the multiplicity of colors and is decided in two themes: A shade of warm colors: brown, yellow, green, purple, combined with the classic white and grey pearls on brown leather, and a refreshing shade of grey ranging from purple to grey blue and dark grey in colors on grey leather.
The soft, round, and voluptuous pearl is adorned with the colors of nature to embellish women whatever their personality or way of life.
The pearl comes back in our jewelry box, modern and eternal, updated according to the trends of the season.
As Coco Chanel once said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls!”. Lady Sarah Churchill felt undressed if she didn´t have her pearls on, and Jackie Kennedy said that pearls are always appropriate.
The pearl, round and sparkling, is a testament to women's beauty, adapting to any style and situation as well as stages of life. It is an unchanging and timeless sign of feminity.