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Designer Biography
Without having studied design but with a creative and unique mind, Anthony Corleones Shum is an artistic designer and founder of Oops. With more than 20 years of leather goods expertise, Anthony quietly designs unostentatious labels with a low-key approach. Anthony was raised in a city solely tainted by capitalism and money-driven environment, he remains artistic and untainted.

Brand concept
The creation of the Oops collection is based on a perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship, multi-cultural and avant-garde technics, as well as innovative usage of traditional materials for contemporary objects. The blend of cultures and lifestyles has given birth to Oops.

Oops colors represent our lives. WHITE represents the beginning of life; it is as pure as the time you first open your eyes and see the light. As time goes by, life shades to GREY with accumulated experience and encounters. As life comes to an end, the eyes close, and there is BLACK.

Oops collection
The overarching theme for Oops collection shows an eclectic mix of intricately hand-knit pieces and monochromatic color palette. This type of Oops hand knitting technique, developed more than 13 years ago, is a time consuming art which takes talent, requiring expertise to create and hand knit each piece. The whole process of hand knitting is meticulous. Each item is scrupulously crafted stitch-by-stitch by Anthony and his partner Michelle, thereby only very limited pieces are available each season. Accuracy, patience, attentive to minute details and steady hands are crucial to this craft. This results in a collection to delight discerning, fashion conscious cognoscenti: Oops.