Nancy Chabert


Onikann SAS
32, rue Céline Robert
94300 Vincennes, France
Anne Boivin



Thumb 2674

chaque imprimé décline sa propre palette
chromatique dans une combinaison vitaminée
et élégante.

Les couleurs l'intéressent parce que ce sont des
vibrations, des énergies, qui une fois captées
deviennent des notes visuelles à l'instar du
parfum et de ses notes olfactives.
Tantôt saturées,parfois profondes, les couleurs
d'Onikann provoquent des carambolages joyeux
qui nous transportent dans des rêveries
japonisantes ou à l'ombre d'une nature métis.

Prix et reconnaissances

Nominée au Talent du Luxe (mars 2012)

Prix du Public de la Mode du Printemps
Nation et de la Ville de Paris (décembre 2012)

Anne Boivin, creative director of ONIKANN
presents her latest printed designs for fashion
accessories. Anne is a specialist in print design
and surface decoration. She has worked as a
textile consultant for many years, styling home
textiles and designing jewellery with her prints,
‘the silk cuff‘ is one of her first jewellery pieces,
printed with dahlia petals it has become the most
popular and “much admired” fashion item.
Anne has expanded her printed textile collection
and introduced a range of scarves and neckwear.

Relaxed luxury

Anne launched Onikann in 2011 with the intention
of making relaxed, luxurious scarves for chic
women who appreciate little surprises and
elements of fantasy. Onikann's accessories
incorporate sophisticated, feminine and carnal
details that attract attention and interest in the
purest of French tradition.

Her unexpected graphics are the result of a
surprising combination of the vegetal and the
mineral world: superposition of flowers; leather,
metallic and feathery patterns compositions;
trompe l'œil combinations. For producing them,
she uses an original digital printing procedure
that enables to keep all the color gradations and
shades richness on natural supports like silk, and
wool .

Anne has an eye for detail, her skilful with
embellishments gives her scarves a seductive,
sophisticated touch for fashion lovers.
All my pieces are 100% made in France