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41 rue Saint Sabin
75011 PARIS, France
Stéphanie Piogé



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NK is a kidswear unisex brand, born in Paris in 2007, by the desire of making accessible a fashion inspired by the adulthood to adapt it to the children world.
The colors (black, gray, neutral or at the opposite vivid and graphic), the details (raw edges, slim shapes, graphics, transparency or superimposition effects), the fabrics (organic cotton, soft and sweet jerseys), all our inspiration comes from the world of the adult fashion but reworked for being dedicated to the smallest. The shapes are comfortable and easily put on, the clothes are fashionable but also practical. They are designed like basics decorated with small fashionable details.
At NO KIDDING, we believe that each child has its own style and that it's feasible to make clothes that appeal to both parents and children.
Our flagship product is a sarouel whose shape is designed to leave room for the diaper regarding to the smaller ones, while being particularly comfortable for the older ones. Its wide, flat elastic waistband does not roll and does not cut blood flow, while its narrow cut at the ankles allows the children to drag, play, heckle, live with ease and without hindrance.