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Mosaert is an independent creative label based in Brussels. The majority of its activity is focussed on the music industry, the audio-visual sector and in clothing. Mosaert's most recent projects include Stromae's clip for "Quand c'est", the live recording of "Racine Carrée" at the Centre-Bell and the international launch of the third capsule of Mosaert clothing.

Mosaert was created in December 2009 by Paul Van Haver (widely known as Stromae) when he and his artistic director Luc Junior Tam made their dream of independent artistic creation a reality. The young Mosaert label received a proposal for a licensing agreement from Universal Music France for the distribution of Stromae's first two albums, the first of which would be called "Cheese".

The album "Cheese", helped by the "Stromae's Lessons" concept and the different clips produced by the Mosaert label, such as the unforgettable "Alors on danse", had an impact on pop culture in 2009 and 2010 - a number 1 in 16 countries the single sold 2 million copies and was commended for its uniqueness but also for its artistic coherence by critics and the general public.

In 2012, as his second album was being prepared, Paul Van haver and the Mosaert team met Coralie Barbier, a stylist, her arrival would mark a turning point in Stromae's style of clothing.

Next came a lot of work by the Mosaert team and the "Bold At Work" duo to find the right graphic feel, their work was inspired by African waxprints with their vivid colours and printing techniques, but also by the work of Escher and the art of paving. This work led to unique visuals which became the visual signature for the songs on Stromae's second album: "Racine Carrée".

It was during the distribution of "Racine Carrée" that the idea came about of not just creating textiles but of also selling these in limited quantity capsules. The first Mosaert clothing capsule came out in April 2014 - it included polo t-shirts and socks and was well received by the press. Galvanised by these positive reviews the label launched capsule n°2 and capsule n°3 which also included cardigans and jumpers and completed the range.

The unexpected level of success of "Racine Carrée" became an adventure for the label which lasted an exceptional 3 years. This adventure can be summed up with the following figures: 12 songs for the most part composed, written and performed by Stromae, 3 million copies sold across the world, 7 videos produced which received one billion total views on the Internet and 209 live concerts attended by over 1.7 million spectators in Europe, North America, South America and Africa.