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MITCHUMM Industries, the brand with the palm trees, is a tribute to California and to the American actor Robert Mitchum. The brand was founded in 1976 on the West Coast, in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles. The first items produced were printed T-shirts and swimwear with very colorful and exclusive designs that drew inspiration from typically Californian sports like surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking and beach volleyball.

MITCHUMM INDUSTRIES is an exclusive, out-of-the-ordinary and unconventional brand that stands out for its inborn elegance and its "American-hypster-with- an-Italian-flair-" style.
The brand was an immediate success and after only a few seasons, it was imported to Lake Como, Italy, where the collection was expanded with shirts and several accessories. Today, Mitchumm Industries ' flagship store is located in Como.

In 2006, the encounter between Alex Mitchumm - born in 1983 and son of Daniele (Mitchumm Ind.'s creator) - and the brand was the beginning of a success story, thanks also to Alex's extraordinary spontaneity. With its American style and cosmopolitan dash, Mitchumm Industries is now an Italian, and at the same time, global brand.
Mitchumm Industries' creativeness and production are “Made in Italy”, with an eye to the United States.
Over the years, the brand has skillfully managed to combine tradition and innovation to create a style and accessories that feature original and high-impact colors and fabrics, manufactured with the best textures and prints and made exclusively in Italy.
In order to test a challenging mix of tradition and originality, Alex Mitchumm, the young creative director of the brand, has taken a chance with a very sound and strong brand that has been making a style statement for over thirty years.
Today Mitchumm Industries is a total look brand that also manufactures a range of accessories like ties, bowties, scarves and suspenders.
Mitchumm Industries is an international brand, distributed all over Italy, Europe, Asia and Japan through selected multi-brand stores.