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Masnada srl
via del Purgatorio, 64/d
59100 Prato, Italy


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masnada style was born in 2007 ,
from a successful meeting enter the decennial experience and the deep passion from Angelo Iannello founder of this project, mind and product manager and all members of the company, always very sensible to the creation of new fabrics and a team of creative designers with a past full of experience included theatrical costume designers in United Kingdom.
It was possible, thanks to this harmony, give form and volume to the originals fabrics, always made of natural fibers, and realize all ideas that, before this meeting, stayed on undeveloped project.

Our clothing has been created as one creates a work or art.

It began with passion and a desire to transmit emotion through the use of beautiful materials and sensual designs.
The sensation of wearing masnada becomes an inspiration that can move the client we dress and the people they encounter.

Each article from our collection is timeless as it came from a pure vision that never goes out of style. We create each piece with sensitivity and care, distancing ourselves from the fast track of modern society to develop a tailored, artisan finish, which allows us to fine tune our style with integrity.

Our goal is not to satisfy the masses, but to satisfy a select clientele who values the sobriety of natural materials and fine textiles.
Our quality craftsmanship ensures that our clothing is created in line with ethic codes that don't take advantage of juvenile labour or irregulars, working exclusively in Italy.

masnada is for those who appreciate what goes into creating a masterpiece.