Maison F Paris


Xavier Dutreuil
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S.A.S Worldof International
4, villa Boissière
75116 Paris, France



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Founded in 2011 by François-Régis Laporte, Maison F is the first and only luxury Parisian Tie Designer house inspired by trends initiated in the 17th century by Louis XIV.
French weavers and finishers assure the excellence of its collections all of which are handmade in its Parisian atelier. Maison F has founded its name on original and unique shapes from iconic short ties (to be tied individually or two together at the same time) to bowties with unique shapes from cubes to moons, to mermaids to cat's heads and even more erotic forms.
François-Régis Laporte has revisited and modernised traditional neckwear with a unique, creative and functional eye keeping the greatest respect for french artisanal "savoir-faire".
Today the press likens him to a "modern day Christofle Charvet" and state "if today, a new generation of people wears ties, it is thanks to people like him".
Key figures from the fashion world such as Michael Bastian, Bonpoint, Paul & Joe and numerous movie directors have all reached out to Maison F for co-branding and red-carpet events.


Maison F accessories offer a truly unique product range of neckwear all skillfully hand-made by thirty seamstresses in its Parisian workshop. Catering to both the traditional and avant-garde male and female fashion enthusiast its accessories include classic, Croatian, slim and short ties; ready-tied and magnetized bow ties; ascots; pocket squares; scarves; flowers and buttonholes. They are available custom-made in limitless combinations from a unique range of fifty innovative shapes and styles and in no less than 280 fabrics including silk twill, jacquard from Lyon, printed cotton and cashmere to name but a few. The possibilities are endless.
After six collections, more than 140 retailers worldwide including, L'Eclaireur, Isetan, Baycrews, Michel Brisson, Saks Fifth Avenue Dubaï(...), Maison F inaugurated its first Parisian boutique in October 2014 located in the prestigious "Carré Rive Gauche" at 42, rue de Verneuil.
Come and discover a one of a kind "tie-bar" concept from this Parisian tie-designer and its latest collection, a stunning collection based on the magical animal and natural world.