Les cinq


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TL Studio
8 Passage du Grand Cerf
75002 Paris, France
Head manager
Lisa Traverso


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Les Cinq envisages and creates exclusive, elegantly distinctive clothing and accessories that bring a touch of urban drive to everyday looks. Innovative fabrics and solutions characteristic of outdoor gear and sportswear come together with street-style intuition, finished with exquisitely tailored details and leather elements, hand-crafted in France and Italy. The style focus of Les Cinq lies in its name: the esoteric number embracing experimentation, exploration, change and freedom; transgression and the search for borders to push back, the desire to step forth into the unknown, an occasional taste for danger. Five stands for a desire to shake off conformity and habit, to break out from the banal. Five are the senses that dissect, interpret and convey our every experience. And five are the fingers of the hands within the glove, the hallmark accessory the brand revolves around: a timeless must-have for Les Cinq, where style meets the excellence of tradition, taking on board the technical features typical of sportswear for a sophisticated, contemporary twist that's the essence of glamour.