Kaleos Eyehunters


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Kaleos Eyehunters
C.Esperança 14
08017 Barcelona, Spain
Press manager
Elianne Sastre



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KALEOS EYEHUNTERS reinvents the concept of contemporary eyewear combining design, fashion and luxury.  
Fashion, avant-garde, design and quality are the values that inspire and operate in KALEOS EYEHUNTERS, but it is the creative structure that marks the difference and generates the success of the brand.
Thanks to her extensive experience in fashion, Claudia Brotons, Creative Director, brings a wealth of knowledge, intuition and expertise to luxury brand, KALEOS EYEHUNTERS. Working under Claudia’s creative direction, KALEOS Studio’s engineering team design and create innovative styles with the best manufacturers in the world. Together they create unique pieces, assemblies, acetate and lens colors, that are exclusive to the brand.
Claudia creatively and logistically challenges the market every six months, with a new collection of surprising and eclectic designs. The collections from KALEOS EYEHUNTERS set trends and avoid following convention. The collections require high quality materials, complex constructions and time, with each one requiring more than a year and a half of work. Unique eyewear that combines contemporary taste, and functionality; assembled and molded by hand.
Since 2013, KALEOS EYEHUNTERS has independently redefined luxury eyewear, thanks to an unsurpassed level of quality and meticulousness.
KALEOS is located in selected optical stores and concept stores from more than 20 countries.