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Thumb 2068

You breathe a new air here. An atmosphere born from a deep esthetical sensitivity, a mix of heterogeneous and apparently contrasting suggestions: the sacred and the profane, the ethnic and the contemporary, avant-garde versus tradition, period costumes and punk rock cohabit in a collage of multifaceted and ambivalent inspirations. A real creative forge, where you can clearly sense the commitment, the extreme care, the nearly obsessive attention and curiosity behind every gesture of your host, behind the objects he selects, mixes together and loves, behind his ability to create new ways of being and a new aesthetic path which leaps away from rules and traditions.This is the home of Di Liborio, the new project of the Sicilian designer, made possible when he found again, in a synchronic second meeting, Giorgia Mattioli, the daughter of the entrepreneur Franco Mattioli from Bologna, who has been a founding member and business partner of Gianfranco Ferrè S.P.A. for decades. For years Giorgia had the complex task of managing the relationship between Ferré and his technical designers, facing a whole range of production issues. Today she pours this life experience with huge passion and entrepreneurial creativity in the Di Liborio project.“Meeting Liborio, after our shared experience with Gianfranco Ferrè, pushed me to plunge back into the game”, declares Giorgia Mattioli. “Liborio and I wanted to createnot only a new brand, but more significantly, a new concept: a highly innovative formula, sophisticated but effective, with authentic winning power against the sell-out of the retailers”. This is how Etichetta Rossa, Etichetta Bianca and Etichetta Nera came to life in 2013.