Caroline De Marchi


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Caroline De Marchi
217, rue Saint - Honoré
75001 Paris, France


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Caroline De Marchi's unique sensibility, which her beautifully crafted bags reflect, led her to launch her eponymous brand, sharing her aesthetics with a worldwide audience. Dividing her time between France, Brazil and Italy, she keeps gathering influences throughout her trips, absorbing the subtleties of every culture.
Her understanding of luxury and great materials naturally guided her to Northern Italy where she got to know passionate and dedicated craftsmen who produce her seasonal collections, willing to make her creative vision come to life.

The Cubo, which has become Caroline's most iconic bag by now, is, indeed, an accurate expression of the designer's core values. Inspired by a traditional wicker basket, this refined bag summarizes her own style and relaxed take on luxury. Reinterpreted and updated each season, it is available in different colors, sizes, textures and fabrics.

Presenting her collections in the heart of Paris, Caroline De Marchi welcomes her clients into a hidden and refined showroom. Recreating the feel of someone's private living room, the space is both sensual and inviting, adding aconfidential touch to French savoir-vivre.