Boom Bap Wear


Fernando Teles
Companhia das Soluções


Boom Bap Wear France, LDA
Centro Empresarial de Braga, Rua Professor Henrique Barros LT B1
4705-319 Braga, Portugal
Communication manager
Ricardo Santos
Press manager
Carlos Rodrigues


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Boom Bap Wear is a premium European apparel, denim, footwear and accessories brand targeted to male and female of all styles and ages. Grounded on a bold and distinctive design, this original brand creates charming, very functional and comfortable clothes with special care for quality and attention to consumers.
Mainly characterized by t-shirts production, Boom Bap Wear draws its inspiration from the socio-cultural phenomena and values of contemporary society. The brand explores their uses and habits with creativity, unconventionality and provocation in a perfect response to the current demands of the fashion industry.
In just a five years activity, Boom Bap Wear has already been represented in over fifteen countries - in fact it has consolidated its presence in the market and became a fashion icon.
Boom Bap Wear is not just a brand ... Boom Bap Wear is the brand!