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Bijoux de famille
29 rue des Montoboeufs
75020 Paris, France



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Bijoux de Famille is a brand of artisanal premium jewelry.
The pieces are produced in limited series and the result of many savoir-faire.
From the metal work executed by well-known artisans to delicate hand embroidery, setting, leather covering done on our parisian studio. Swarovski is the official supplier of all the crystals.
Both of each year's collections, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, are born through travels, impulses and cravings, with a taste of colors and precious materials. Always unconventional, audacious prints and surprising mix are, each time, taking you into a whole new story.
From the color card to the research of original prints, we experiment with unexpected materials as plastic or feathers, and benefit of latest technologies like digital print on leather. Step by step, our constant curiosity bring new developments to our range.
Everything is a pretext for fun, ennoblement, and transformations, enhance everyday life. From sea shells to dollar bills, it is about making jewelry from what is not. Therefore the hand work dares, modern, progressive, still precious, all in those funny exuberant jewels.