Lily Bergner


concrete jewellery
Kollwitzstr. 57
10405 Berlin , Germany


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bergnerschmidt design takes its inspiration from Bauhaus and has been conceived on the basis of its maxim - less is more. bergnerschmidt generates experimental but wearable concrete accessories with a purist and constructive expression.
Concrete is different of what one thinks. "It depends on what you make of it." bergnerschmidt thinks that the possibilities of concrete design did not reach the limit yet. Towards the cliché - concrete is cold, hard and heavy - the label presents jewellery that is delicate, smooth and light.
The fascinating geometry of things is a recurring element in their works. Since that subject has become the formal principle in every collection, bergnerschmidt simply develops timeless design.
Rings, cuffs and necklaces made of white, grey or black concrete are pieces in their assortment. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted. In another series of products which is called HOMEWORK they design functional and shapely objects for home and the bureau.
Their last concrete jewellery collection CAST IN STONE is inspired by the fascinating geometry created by nature. bergnerschmidt took this use of form and translated it into sculptured formations.
This summer bergnerschmidt is introducing the KVADRAT. The label takes one of the basic geometric figures to present a variety of quadrilaterals.