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Residencial Azahares 1D
41807 Seville, Spain


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Behind the brand, there is a passionate designer.
BENIBECA is created by the hand of Anjara García, a Spanish designer with an extensive career in the world of international fashion. She is a lover of the beauty of the things around her and passionate about design. She not only seeks to create a commercial brand, but also to give it its own identity and highest quality. Addicted to her iPad pencil, she never passes up the opportunity to create new prints inspired by exotic cultures. She loves new challenges, work and passing hours in flight, travelling the world continuously, managing her business, while growing as a person and professional. She’s a timeless dreamer who does not miss the opportunity to embark on new projects, while always remaining faithful to her principles and a healthy lifestyle.

Where is Benibeca’s name coming from?
The name BENIBECA comes from a beautiful fishing village on the island of Menorca, Spain. It’s an island full of energy and beauty in its untouched state. From there and from the emotions that Spain provokes on the island, from its colours and shapes, which made Anjara fall in love, and from the magic of the place, Benibeca emerges. Undoubtedly, this is a clothing brand to enjoy in the personal paradise that each individual prefers.

Benibeca gets the inspiration from the purest & wildest beauty.
The men's swimwear brand BENIBECA isimmersed in an exciting trip to Africa, islands of french polynesia or ancient south american tribes which will be reflected in the more tribal nature of its prints. The brand returns to focusing on exclusive designs and motifs with a very personal and unique character, which stand out with their own light among the rest of the international swimwear brands. For the occasion, the company’s designer has been immersed in diverse cultures and tribal traditions that have given inspiration through endless tapestries, photographs, illustrations, shapes, textures and emotions, which have been interpreted from the singular aesthetic idiosyncrasy of BENIBECA. The latter contributes to its characteristic taste for contemporary design and the use of classic Mediterranean colours. BENIBECA launched in 2017 to move away from the realm of mass commercial flows, pursuing, with each collection, the creation of its own distinctive discourse, oblivious to seasonal trends and the use of fashionable colours. BENIBECA seeks to establish and develop a new and genuine design concept, which has the figure of a contemporary man and sybarite who enjoys the luxury of uniqueness and exclusivity as its backbone.