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Comfort for every occasion with the new Norwegian brand APHRU

APHRU brings you comfortable clothes that provide a sensual, confident feel in any situation, business or pleasure. APHRU marries practicality and value for money with a sophisticated yet easy-to-wear design.

APHRU was founded in the clouds on countless flights between European cities and its founder's Oslo home. Living a busy life with work and travel she found it impossible to find clothes that combined real comfort with style and functionality to take her through the day. She took matters into her own hands and a new brand was conceived.

Long-lasting versatile garments
APHRU products can easily be styled up and down to take you through all occasions throughout your day. The luxurious soft jersey fabrics have excellent breathable and insulating qualities. The selected fabrics of natural fibres are elegant as well as practical, adapting perfectly to any season. Most garments are machine or hand washable.

Scandinavian soul, Italian passion
APHRU's Scandinavian soul is fundamentally natural and thrives on simplicity and purity. All of APHRU's garments are crafted in a small family-owned studio in Milan, Italy. The use of some of the world's finest jersey fabrics merges with exceptional Italian craftsmanship to create a line with superb fit and comfort.

Beauty and sophistication
Aphru was the equivalent to the goddess Aphrodite in the ancient Etruscan civilisation. Her name still represents the exquisite beauty that these clothes emulate in their fabrics and design. The idea of the ancient Italian goddess of beauty in partnership with the Norwegian design and colour scheme is intrinsic to APHRU's vision.

For more information, please contact Anita Godell: email anita@aphru.com, phone +47 41505226

In picture our brand ambassador, the Norwegian acress and author Synnøve Macody Lund wearing our Carina dress from SS15.