Amédée 1851


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Precious Fiber Development
112 Avenue Kléber
75116 Paris, France
Déborah Berger


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This is a story of a long-distance voyage that began in 1851 and continues to this day... Amédée 1851 has been written over time, weaving its connecting threads – like its wools – with softness and pre- cision. Just the sound of this name transports us on a voyage, opening a door to the Art Deco era for a glimpse of its lifestyles and ways of travelling the world: with leisure.
Amédée 1851 is a story, a personality and, even better, an embodiment of French heritage that brings a strong, exceptional know-how back to life.
La Compagnie des Chargeurs Réunis was founded in 1872 in order to set up marine transportation between Le Havre in France and Buenos Aires in Argentina.At the same time, in 1851, Amédée Prouvost founded Peignage Amédée in Roubaix, which became, in 1920, the largest and most-reputed wool combing-mill in the world, combing the world’s most precious Merino fibers, notably from Argentina, shipped by Chargeurs Réunis ocean liners. In 1987, Char- geurs acquired the Prouvost group’s wool activities and became a global leader in precious natural fibers.
Today Amedee 1851 celebrates its exceptionnal heritage: the cruise spirit of Chargeurs Reunis and the golden age of the Art Deco era with a breath of fresh air and modernity. Amedee 1851 wishes to accompany today's explorers on their unique and personal voyages.