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Amy Wilson


Alex Monroe LTD
37 Snowfields
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Alex Monroe ~ The Language of Flowers.

Inspired by the Victorian concept of a silent language which could "say" what was not dared to be spoken, the Alex Monroe story for Autumn / Winter 2015 is 'The Language of Flowers'.

Meaning has been attributed to flowers for thousands of years, and across global cultures, but it was the Victorians who, with their love of botany, truly seized upon this.
Bouquets and blooms were used to send covert messages, allowing an expression of feelings that would never have been spoken aloud in their society.

With jewellery of the era providing further inspiration, the range is focused on portraits and sprays of flowers, in cameo-style shapes and outlines.
Elegant pearls and gemstone details complete this tender and romantic offering, each piece with it's own special meaning.

Blending antique influences with current trends, Alex has created dainty necklaces perfect for layering, tiny stud earrings for multiple piercings, and fine rings to stack high for an opulent impact.