Romy Ishii Loaëc - Fashion Stylist #2

by Emmanuelle Christ

This month's fashion editor is Romy Ishii Loaëc. Working as a free lance fashion editor, Romy began her career with fashion at Marie Claire. She also works as a blogger, a TV stylist, a consultant, and has also worked for several magazines such as Grazia France, Vogue Girl Japan, Ginza, Elle online Japan, and L'Optimum...

how did you become a fashion editor?

I was lucky to be interviewed by Marie-Claire magazine to work as the assistant to the assistant fashion editor, during the Mako Yamazaki era. I stayed with her for two years: I worked with famous photographers, travelled all over the world. She almost taught me everything about the job. I then did my first fashion series for the magazine.

Ranging from fashion shows to shootings, could you tell us how you work?

You need to be very organized. After seeing the shows and pressdays, we pick a theme we feel like focusing on and suggest it to the editorial board. I then go clothes shopping according the theme we picked. Then I work on the profiles, namely the outfits for each model, with the selected clothes. Them comes the shooting.

What do you think are the good and down sides of this job?

We are surrounded by luxury, beauty, and aestheticism. And yet, it is a job from which very few people make a decent living.

What does photo styling mean for you? What does it imply?

A fashion series means above all to convey an emotion.

Your worst professional gaffe?

I once tried to iron a t-shirt, but there were bits of tulle as an ornament, the tulle came off and melted on the iron. :(

You've also done some TV styling, namely to dress Alexandra Golovanoff or Daphné Burki, how does this work?

It's more open, we adapt the style of clothes to the person's personality.

Blogger vs. Journalist, you're a bit on both sides, so what do you think?

It's the same thing.

Romy's desk

Could you tell us about something completely extravagant you've had to do for your job?

Sharing my bed with a young model who was afraid of sleeping alone.

Is shooting a heart stopping item from a relatively unknown little brand for editorial content still possible today?

Well, let's be optimistic, yes it is!

Could you tell us about your worst memory of a shooting experience?

I've been lucky to work with great fashion photographers and have only kept good memories.

Your most beautiful professional encounter ?

Mako Yamazaki.

If you could change one thing in this job, this would be...

I wouldn't change a thing.

Your piece of news at the moment?

I recently co-created a “lifestyle” club called the Paris Winners Club (@winners_75 on insta) with Alison Beckner, a former head of communication who came back to being an editor again and who founded Scout Services, an advice agenvy specialsing in lifestyle and well-being.

Who would you nominate for the next interview?

Guillaume Delacroix, who has just founded his press office “DLX Paris” and my question is : “Why did you decide to become self-employed? How do you choose your clients?”.

November 2015

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“A fashion series means above all to convey an emotion.”