Paris Pressdays #SS19

by Judith Girard-Marczak

Judith Girard Marzack, a Paris-based Fashion and Beauty journalist, reports on Paris' press days for the 2019 Spring/Summer season. Her credo? #FABULOUS50!

Judith is indeed getting ready to launch a media for the “new young aged 50” in reediting “Jardin des Modes” — which she has turned into a media dedicated to women turning 50. Judith assures us “fifties are the new thirties” ! See you mid-January for its online launch! In the meantime, take a look at Judith's favourite items for next Summer!

Sirconstance chez Univers Presse
Definitely my necklace next summer. An ammonite fossil set on a large pocket-watch chain. I love that.

Sandro chez OBCM
Revisiting the iconic denim jacket, the glittery fringes give it an extra punch and might even take it all the way to the red carpets!

Hugo Boss
Everyone remembers the Billie Jean album cover (1881): Michaël Jackson was wearing a white Hugo Boss suit which the brand reedited for the Grand Palais exhibition.

Jour/Né chez Caroline Charles Communication
A t-shirt to make sure every day is the day before the week-end.

Claudie Pierlot chez Dresscode
Trekking outfits for city-dwellers.

Weill chez IC Insight
Singing chabadabada chabadabada... – Deauville, Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant – the whole essence of Claude Lelouch's film is in this trench.

Carioca Porto-Vecchio chez Hors-Série RP
With this exclusive pattern, this Corsican bathing suit brand I most particularly like is going to turn us all into mermaids this summer.

Metallic leather shorts to go dancing.

Les Petites chez Dress Code
Turning point for Les Petites: a less teenage-like and more assertive style, more luxurious fabrics as with this sexy low-cut silk dress.

Maison Lafont chez ASAP
This funny pair of glasses is called “pigeon shooting”, for this type of glasses carefully crafted by the brand were worn exclusively to shoot pigeons...

3.1 Phillip Lim chez KCD
A bobtail? No way! A pair of trainers! Please groom 3 times a week.

Escada chez KCD
A bag made for assertive feminism.

Yatay chez Angelo Sensini
Ethical, vegan, and recyclable sneakers that do no look like they were manufactured by development protesters from Notre Dame des Landes.

Boat loafers are in this image, can you find them?

Smart sandals with a removable fringe: a new pair of shoes in just one second.

Havaianas chez Zmirov
The latest Havaïanas novelty is that straps are no longer unicolour but printed and matching the sole and the neon coloured metal brand. Looking forward to summer!

La Môme Bijou chez Dominique Salmon
Isabelle Prat has dropped the bracelets she is famous for to design a new collection. Her large chocker is an homage to Murakami.

Calvin Klein by Marchon Eyewear chez OBCM
Those of you who know me know I am crazy about sunglasses (more particularly cat-eye types) and neon colours. This pair can only make me happy.

Nach Bijoux chez Dresscode
Watch out! There's a sleeping panther around your neck!

Comptoir des Cotonniers chez L'Appart PR
Early season figures. Lets's say rather mid-January when we'll have slimed down a bit from everything we'll eat during the holidays.

Essentiel Antwerp chez Catherine Miran
Punks used to say “no future”, the Belgian brand sees it rather in two glittery words.

Free Lance chez Dresscode
Thanks to a new artistic director, a very punchy summer season. I really like those sandals with maxi raffia pompoms.

Fauré Le Page chez Lorraine de Boissanger
Every year, at Fauré Le Page, there's a different animal used as a decoration object, which also serves as a display of many artisans' know-how.

Maison Château Rouge chez Albert, Jean et Pedro
A brand using Wax fabrics as its main material. The general public discovered it thanks to their great collaboration with Monoprix in Spring 2018 and it was a big hit. For next summer, Maison Chateau Rouge shapes technical fabrics for more street like shapes.

Tara Jarmon chez Sandie Roy
Homage to “Diabolo Menthe”, the movie which inspired a whole generation of teenagers.

Paris 1870 chez L'Appart PR
Most probably my favourite brand in this press day season. Created in reference to the Paris Commune when besieged Parisians had plentiful tricks and ideas to send messages outside. Every jewel contains a hiding place in which to insert a love message, a lucky charm, a mini sea shell.

Antik Batik
In line with her brand's DNA, Gabriella Cortese worked from an old-style shirt model which she modernised with a beautiful poplin fabric. In a way, the perfect shirt. Also available as a dress.

Françoise en exclusivité pour les Galeries Lafayette
Françoise is Johanna Senyk's second brand. Wanda Nylon – her first brand – being suspended after a swift success, Johanna launched Françoise, a brand embodying free, independent and nonconformist frenchwomen.

Superga chez RD Press Office
Superga is out of its comfort zone. The brand has not given up on its iconic model but has expanded its basic range with this leather model with bold soles.

K-Way chez RD Press Office
This K-way jacket features the brand's traditional hood – which impacted our childhood and Dany Boon's – but is made of an all-over embroidered waterproof fabric.

January 2019

Thumb judith girard marczak
Spotted by Judith Girard-Marczak