Marie Le Cerf - PR Girl #1

by Emmanuelle Christ

Inaugurating our our very first special PR GIRL interview, Marie Le Cerf has accepted to answer our questions. she has worked as a fashion PR for more than 10 years. She currently works as a press officer for Max Mara where she is more particularly in charge of Sportmax, Max Mara's other flagship brand.

Could you describe your job as a press officer, what is it like on a daily basis?

Talking, writing, suggesting, listening, calling, calling again, finding new ideas, managing my stress level... and chatting a bit with my girl friends at the office in the meantime.

What are the DOS & DON'TS of a Fashion press agent?

Love the brands you defend. You need honesty to fight on a daily basis, otherwise it rapidly sounds fake.

You best success as a press officer?

My greatest moment was when Sophie Fontanel commented with a smiley a picture of her wearing a Max Mara hat I had reposted on Instragram! Happiness!

Tell us about something completely crazy you've had to do for your job.

Assisting a stylist shooting a special Max Mara series in Moscow, on the Red Square. We had not been able to get an official authorisation for this shooting, we tried it anyway, pretending we were tourists: the model was the photographer's lover, I was the production assistant's sister. We walked several meters away from each other, feeling extremely nervous because we were surrounded by policemen, who were actually completely taken in! The series was splendid.

What's on your desk?

My computer, magazines, phones, look books, ID pictures of my nearly 10-month old baby. It's not obvious on the picture, but tidying up is really my thing.

Your worst professional blunder (one you can tell about)?

In an email I mixed up two “Stefanos” who absolutely do not have the same job: one boss vs an assistant. Quite embarrassing.

Sophie Fontanel told us how important sociability was in the journalist-press officer relationship, what do you think about this?

I'm a big Sophie Fontanel groupie. I'm also a fan of how she sees things, fashion, jobs: hers and mine. Sociability is what makes our exchanges pleasant and flowing.

As a press officer, what do you expect from a Fashion editor/journalist?


What will remain as your nicest professional memory?

When I worked as an intern for Boucheron, I had to build up a collection of their archive pieces. I spent several days alone, in a safe. I was among treasures, just for my own eyes. An exquisite professional experience.

Arketing is becoming more and more important in the world of fashion. Max Mara has just sponsored the opening of the new Whitney Museum in New York. Would you say that Fashion PR and Culture PR are the same difference?

Not exactly the same difference but fascinating roles nonetheless. The links between Max Mara and Contemporary art have been going on for a long time, and it's a pleasure for us. Sponsoring the re-opening of the Whitney Museum has been the major event we've worked on for several months. The next one will be Max Mara Art Prize for Women giving to an artist next May in London. Looking forward to it!

At last, which pieces of advice would you give a brand still unsure about taking up Press Relations?

Call me! Seriously, I don't know what to recommend, apart perhaps from choosing carefully who you work with. According to me, a good PR is one who understands the DNA of the brand he represents and who loves it.

Who would you nominate for the next interview?

I nominate Nathalie Croquet, a photo stylist, who has had the brilliant idea of putting herself in models' shoes, via her SPOOF project. I'd like to ask her if she also intends to replace them on the catwalks.

May 2015

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“According to me, a good PR is one who understands the DNA of the brand he represents and who loves it.”