Camilla Ghidoni - PR Girl #2

by Emmanuelle Christ

This month's PR girl is Italian and works in Milan. Camilla Ghidoni started working as a PR for a leading Champagne company in 2007, she then dived into the world of fashion, where she has remained until now. She works for Attila&Co, one of Milan's most important PR firms. She is currently in charge of brands like Krizia and Ports 1961.

Could you describe your job as a press officer, what is it like on a daily basis?

I'm every day in contact with a lot of people. I spend my time writing emails and on the phone, looking for innovative ways to communicate with my clients and to make sure the media talk about them. I love when efforts are rewarded by results.

What are the DOS & DON'TS of a Fashion press agent?

Be loyal and authentic, not only in your private life but even more in this job and with the journalists! Do not make promises you can not keep. And of course espouse the cause of your client - and when that is a little bit “irrational”, then try to find another way to make it work.

Your best success as a press officer?

I love my job, every day offers me good opportunities and happy moments but I feel very happy and successful when during a fashion show I manage to complete the first row in a perfect way with the best editors and then a great coverage and review follow.

Tell us about something completely crazy you've had to do for your job.

It was a long time ago, I was in charge of PR for a little no-budget fashion brand but I needed still life pictures to pitch some key items to fashion editors. So I asked a friend of mine who is an amateur photographer to come to our showroom to take some shots on a big table. I used that pictures and I got a super duper coverage!

What's on your desk?

My desk? Too messy! My view is better.

Your worst professional blunder?

When you start working, it is normal to make mistakes. I made a serious mistake once, which I took with serious consideration. It was about an embargo regarding a exclusive for Vanity Fair, unfortunately I sent the same image to another magazine. Fortunately, I solved the problem thanks to the relationship I had with the press at that time.

Do you wear the brands you represent?

I think that to communicate efficiently you need to feel really involved, so wearing the brands I represent could be a good way, but it is not the only one.

The worst and the most beautiful thing a fashion journalist has told you?

The best was that I did my job very well, and the worst was... “delete me from this mailing list!” ;)

What do you think of

I love the idea! I wish I had had it before! I find it very useful for journalists and stylists to find the press office in charge of the brand they need (I always receive requests regarding brands I'm not in charge of!) and I like the interview pages ;)

Is there a difference between Italian and Parisian Fashion PR Girls?

I don't think there are many differences, we are all in this together!

What will remain as your nicest professional memory?

During an event organised for a brand I was following, I met Emmanuelle Alt. I love her work as a stylist, as the Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris, her style and her “very Parisian” look of course.

Who would you nominate for the next interview?

Lydia Lobe, Gala France Stylist. My question is: “What do you like best in your job?”

October 2015

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“Be loyal and authentic [...] with the jounalists. Do not make promises you can not keep.”