Alexandra Golovanoff - Fashion Insider #2

by Emmanuelle Christ

“La mode, la mode, la mode” answers our questions. Nominated last month by Sophie Fontanel, journalist and TV presenter on Paris Première Alexandra Golovanoff plays along.

Your start in fashion?

I used to work for Paris Première where I was in charge of economical and political programmes. They were looking for someone who could take charge of fashion. I applied. Well, it wasn't that easy, I had to be convincing but I was really motivated.

Tell us about your job.

I work as a journalist and TV presenter. Specialized in fashion.

Your nicest fashion recollection?

When around the age of 16, I finally dared to go to Azzedine Alaïa's with my own savings. I intended to buy a skirt on sale and ended up face to face with him, he advised me very nicely. I still have the skirt.

A landmark press event?

Oh dear! There are so many of them! A Dior fashion show we were covering live on Paris Première; a Saint Laurent show where all the girls wore the same black wig; the first Celine show by Phoebe Philo; a photo shooting with Karl Lagerfeld; visiting a Chanel cashmere factory in Scotland.

What's in/on your desk?

My desk is my laptop, my phone, and my diary. There is a room of mine which I call my office as a joke, it's my dressing room !

Your worst professional blunder (one you can tell about)?

A Fashion week, in Paris, early october, marvelous Indian summer. I meet up with one of my friends, a journalist, between two fashion shows. We start chatting and walk towards the next show. We decide to wait in the sun until the doors open. We chat and chat and then, suddenly, the doors open... hundreds of people... emerge ! We had missed the show while we were just next to it. We still went upstream to congratulate the designer!

The press gift you'll remember for a while?

The gift in a beautiful box, ribbons, wrapping tissue, and a little note... addressed to someone else!

Tell us about something completely crazy you've had to do for your job.

To jump in free fall from a helicopter several thousand meters high above the ground with base jump champions, shouting “la mode, la mode, la mode” - The whole thing was obviously filmed.

You have done “funny-face portraits” of fashion people, do think the fashion world takes itself too seriously?

I wanted to show that self-mockery was possible in a world of control freaks, and some humour too!

Last but not least, Sophie Fontanel finds you “always marvelously polite” and would like to ask you the following question: “Is politeness essential in the fashion world?”

As far as I concerned, being polite is essential EVERYWHERE. It's a kind of universal respect. I even say “please” or “sorry” to my dog!

Who would you nominate for the next interview?

Benjamin Cercio who deals with VIPs at Louis Vuitton. And here is my question: “Ben, what's your secret to deal with bloody annoying clients?”.

April 2015

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My worst press gift: “the gift in a beautiful box, ribbons, wrapping tissue, and a little note... addressed to someone else!”